Silicon Graphics, Inc.: Project Full House

By Kevin Keller, James Lattin
1994 | Case No. M274

Silicon Graphics, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance graphics workstations, is preparing for the release of its latest workstation (code named “Full House”) in January 1993. The “Full House” team had already made a number of marketing decisions regarding the new line of visual computing workstations including setting sales objectives, pricing, and identifying key target markets and distribution channels. Still one major issue remains unsolved: branding the new product line. Two distinct points of view have emerged: one argues that this new product should be branded as an extension of the Indigo, a workstation introduced in July of 1991; the other advocates establishing a distinct brand identity for “Full House.” The case provides an opportunity for the discussion of branding strategy in a high technology market. This case is available for purchase from ECCH.

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