Sustainable Human Behavior: A Guide to Building More Sustainable Selves, Teams, and Planet

By Jennifer Aaker, Lucy Montgomery
2023 | Case No. E849 | Length 18 pgs.

The threats that are prevalent in today’s environment often seem unconquerable. Increasing disruption, increasing rates of stress and burnout in high-pressure jobs, and decreasing trust of institutions can lead to an environment that does not feel safe or peaceful for anyone involved. Intractable, systemic challenges that our society faces can only be solved if the people who are ready to tackle them are committed to sustainable practices. Creating the world that we all want to live in will require dedicated leaders who are ready to reimage themselves and their teams and how each operates.

In this case, we introduce the framework of building a sustainable self, team, and planet. We follow a Stanford GSB student as she experiences a new course, Sustainable Human Behavior, and note the impact that it has on her.

Learning Objective

The case:
  • Introduce the sustainable self, team, and planet framework.
  • Explain the importance of making micro changes in your daily routine.
  • Introduce the concept of beauty and a beautiful mindset and how each can be applied to business decisions.
  • Share key learnings from Sustainable Human Behavior class guests.
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