Three Common CEO Missteps (A Perspective From The Boardroom)

By Harold Grousbeck, Joel Peterson, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Alex Tauber
2006 | Case No. E201
The goal of this note is to explore three common CEO missteps frequently witnessed by these three directors which can cause great damage to an organization. A three-step approach is used to discuss each misstep: Identify the issue; Use literature on social psychology, sociology and organizational behavior to better understand the root causes of the issue; Propose recommendations that can help CEOs and directors avoid each misstep. The three common CEO missteps are: Ego. This concern is best summarized by the phrase “often in error, never in doubt.” A second common misstep for many CEOs is that they pay more attention to strategy than to execution. A third common issue with many CEOs is that they put too little emphasis on the importance of people and culture and too much focus on miracle technologies and “big brains.”
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