Research by Energy Business Innovations

Peer-reviewed journal articles, working papers, and other publications apply Stanford’s interdisciplinary strengths in engineering, economics, business, and energy policy to increase global knowledge of low-carbon energy technologies.

Stephen D. Comello, Gunther Glenk, Stefan J. Reichelstein
May 2020

The rapid deployment of electric vehicles is widely viewed as a promising path towards decarbonizing the transportation sector. The pace at which electric vehicles will replace those with internal combustion engines...

Benedikt Downar, Jürgen Ernstberger, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Sebastian Schwenen, Aleksandar Zaklan
May 2020

We examine whether a disclosure mandate for greenhouse gas emissions creates stakeholder pressure for firms to subsequently reduce their emissions. For UK-incorporated listed firms such a mandate was adopted in...

Gunther Glenk, Stefan J. Reichelstein
Production and Operations Management. October

In vertically integrated energy systems, integration frequently entails operational gains that must be traded off against the requisite cost of capacity investments. In the context of the model analyzed in...

Stephen D. Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein
Nature Communications. May
2019, Vol. 10, Issue 1, Pages 2038

Energy storage will be key to overcoming the intermittency and variability of renewable energy sources. Here, we propose a metric for the cost of energy storage and for identifying optimally...

Stefan J. Reichelstein, Gunther Glenk
Nature Energy. February
25 , 2019, Vol. 4, Pages 216-222

The recent sharp decline in the cost of renewable energy suggests that the production of hydrogen from renewable power through a power-to-gas process might become more economical. Here we examine...

Stephen D. Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Anshuman Sahoo
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. September
2018, Vol. 92, Pages 744-756

Over the past decade, solar photovoltaic (PV) power has experienced dramatic deployment growth coupled with substantial decreases in system prices. This article examines how solar PV power is currently positioned...

Stephen D. Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein
July 2018

Energy storage will be key to overcoming the intermittency and variability of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power. This paper proposes a cost metric for measuring the cost...

John E. Bistline, Stephen D. Comello, Anshuman Sahoo
Energy. May
2018, Vol. 151, Pages 211-225

Many irreversible long-run capital investments entail opportunities for managers to respond flexibly to changes in the economic environment. However, common levelized cost measures used to guide decision-making, such as the...

Gunther Glenk, Stefan J. Reichelstein
April 2018

We examine the magnitude of synergistic effects in vertically integrated energy systems that arise when the external market for an intermediate input (electricity) is imperfect and the two subsystems are...

Gunther Glenk, Stefan J. Reichelstein
December 2017

Hydrogen has long been heralded as a potentially critical element in the transition to a low carbon economy. The recent sharp cost declines for renewable energy raise the question whether...