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Mitt Romney: Why You Should Have More in Your Life Than Just Work

On this podcast episode, the politician and businessman argues why self-knowledge makes for a more effective leader.

November 30, 2018

| by Jenny Luna



Senator Mitt Romney visited Stanford GSB in 2015 as part of the View From The Top speakers series. |

When Mitt Romney first talked to Bill Bain about joining Bain & Company, he was clear about one thing: “I have to have all day Sunday off,” Romney told him. “If that’s something the firm can’t accept, then I’m probably not the right guy for the firm.” Romney ended up getting the job and leading its momentous growth. He later cofounded the spin-off company, Bain & Capital, which grew to become one of the largest private equity investment firms in the nation. In 2003, Romney entered politics, serving as the governor of Massachusetts for four years. He is the current senator-elect from Utah.

“Have more in your life than just work,” Romney tells Stanford Graduate School of Business students during his View From The Top conversation with Ryan Harper, MBA ’15. “I found that if you take a block of time off for yourself, you may well be more productive than if you don’t.”

Stanford GSB’s View From The Top is the dean’s premier speaker series. It launched in 1978 and is supported in part by the F. Kirk Brennan Speaker Series Fund. During student-led interviews and before a live audience, leaders from around the world share insights on effective leadership, their personal core values, and lessons learned throughout their career.

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