Political Economy


Stanford GSB Town Square. Credit: Elena Zhukova
September 13, 2019

What Tech Leaders Really Want

They’re an influential group that’s hard to pin down politically — until now. Meet the Liberaltarians.


Children reach to touch the dragons taking part in Lunar New Year celebrations in New York's Chinatown section. It is believed that feeding the dragon a lucky red envelope, or patting it on the head, brings good fortune. Credit: Reuters/Henny Ray Adams
July 30, 2019

Ethnic Networks Help Refugees Find Work

Immigrants are more likely to find jobs within their first five years if they live near people who share their nationality, ethnicity, or language.


Flags of U.S. and China are displayed. Credits: Reuters/Jason Lee
September 5, 2019

Trump’s Trade Wars: “Very, Very Abnormal”

An expert on political economy explains what healthy trade relations look like and how China could exploit Trump’s vulnerability.
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Latest Stories in Political Economy

June 27, 2019

Rising U.S. Inequality: How We Got Here, Where We’re Going

An economist and a business advisor discuss what might happen if the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.
June 24, 2019

How Innovation Drives Economic Growth

Three Stanford scholars explore how we measure innovation, how innovation drives productivity, and how productivity affects inequality.
June 12, 2019

How Well Do Refugees Integrate into American Society?

Nationality, education level, and other factors are linked to resettled refugees’ likelihood of becoming citizens.
June 6, 2019

The Power of Dressing Progressive Economic Policies in Conservative Clothes

In political messaging, values can be more persuasive than policies, a new study finds.
April 30, 2019

Artificial Intelligence for the Perplexed Executive

AI can transform almost every industry. The biggest uncertainty may be the humans behind it.
April 24, 2019

Why Self-Regulation Can Pay Off

Companies that try to fix problems on their own may sidestep more onerous regulations in the future.
March 22, 2019

How to Design a Better Soda Tax

An analysis of Philadelphia’s sweet-drink “sin tax” finds a flaw in the system: Many people simply drive beyond city limits to buy their pop.
February 27, 2019

Why Republican Politicians Pay More Than Democrats for TV Ads

New research shows political advertising’s hidden costs.
January 30, 2019

What Brexit Means to UK Business: Like Jumping out of a Plane without a Parachute

A Stanford economist finds that Brexit is a top source of uncertainty for almost half of UK companies.
January 11, 2019

How the Great Recession Influenced Today’s Populist Movements

Stanford political scientists explain why populist messages emerged in contemporary politics and how they spurred larger political movements.