Hanna Schumacher

Hanna Schumacher
MBA 2017
  • Hometown: Essen, Germany
  • Pre-MBA: Management consulting

Hanna Schumacher

Post Graduation Goals:

Leading global change in the energy and natural resources sector

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

My Global Study Trip to Mongolia - and especially celebrating my birthday there with 30 amazing classmates!

Jogging path lined with palmtrees at Stanford
Early morning run with two classmates. What a refreshing way to start the week!
First class: Marketing Management. Several teams presented their group project. Very interesting to see how different groups came up with different solutions to the challenge.
Met with my Career Management Advisor Rebecca on ways to move forward for my summer internship. Great help from the Career Management Center as always.
Second class: Modeling for Investment Management, my favorite class with Professor Grenadier and Professor Watson. We had an impressive guest speaker and alum on style analysis of fund managers.
Meeting with Academic Operations
Checked in with Academic Operations on my spring course selections. There is just so much to choose from. Touchy-Feely (aka Interpersonal Dynamics) is at the top of my list for spring.
Lunch break in GSB Town Square
Quick lunch break in sunny Town Square while I prepare for my afternoon class.
Meeting with Val outside
Meeting Val, a second-year MBA, to discuss my experience as a customer in the pilot phase of her team’s business idea from Startup Garage.
Third class: Accelerated Finance. Last class before the midterm and we discussed enterprise valuation and cost of capital.
Brief meeting with JD Schramm from the Mastery in Communication Initiative on my LOWkeynotes application. Did not make it this year but know now what to change for next year.
Groceries with Hannah as we need to prepare for the Small Group Dinner we are hosting tonight.
Looking at a laptop with Sabastian
Meeting with Sebastian on our Impact Lab Non-Profit Board Governance Project. We finalized the presentation for the Board Meeting in San Francisco on Saturday. The Impact Lab is a great opportunity for me to get to know more about the non-profit sector.
Students seated around the table at a Small Group Dinner
Small Group Dinner with fellow classmates in one of Schwab’s common rooms - great wine, great food, great conversations.
Getting back to my room in Schwab. Catching up on all emails and reading for tomorrow’s classes. It has been a long day.
Breakfast and email catch-up.
Heading over to the horses that I exercise three times per week. What a rainy morning!
Horse at Stanford stable
First set of horses done. Walking in the rain. El Niño has been really strong this year.
Horses at Stanford stable
Second set done. The rain stopped and the sun is coming out.
Brief study break for the Data & Decisions midterm at Schwab before heading over to the GSB.
Focus group with students
Research focus group with fellow MBA1s and MBA2s. Always exciting to discuss future business ideas and implications.
First class today: Data & Decisions. Brief recap of material for midterm and introduction to hypothesis testing.
Hanna's seat at Economics of Organizations class
Second class today: Economics of Organizations. My and one other group present their findings on contrasting organizational forms. Really interesting presentation as fellow classmates bring in their experiences.
Laptio and worksheets in the GSB Bass Library
Continued to study for the Data & Decisions midterm in the Bass Library. Slowly getting the hang of it.
Students eat pizza and discuss career plans
Brief check-in with my Career Team over pizza. Exciting to hear my classmates' stories on their plans for summer. I shared that I had a great meeting with the Career Management Center the day before.
Stanford engineering quad at night
Headed over to Y2E2 in the engineering quad for my first all-hands meeting of the Stanford Energy Club. I was selected as an officer of the events team last week. Great to meet so many like-minded energy enthusiasts from other graduate schools.
Laptop and worksheets on Hanna's desk at Schwab
Back in Schwab for another Data & Decisions study session.
One thing I look forward to every Tuesday is my regular Skype call with my two year old godson back in Germany. Today he told me about his new toy Noah’s Ark and all the animals in it.
Bedtime. Enough Data and Decisions for the day.
View from Hanna's room at Schwab
Breakfast and last time reviewing Finance problems before the midterm.
Midterm booklet for Accelerated Finance
Midterm in Accelerated Finance: Three hours about bonds, stocks, investment decisions, CAPM, NWC, FCF, DCF, DDM, NPV...
Playing squash at the GSB
Squash with John right after the midterm. Getting better, but he still wins.
Members of the Stanford Energy Club around a table
Weekly meeting with the events team of the Stanford Energy Club. We are planning a networking night next week. I take over to organize the small group dinners within the Energy Club.
Stanford Women's tennis serves against Saint Mary's
Meeting up with a few classmates to enjoy the sun and watch the Stanford Women’s Tennis team win against St. Mary’s.
Back to Schwab to catch up on a few things that were left behind during midterm preparation.
GSB friends around the table at a restaurant
Awesome dinner and conversations with my classmates. We tried an amazing new restaurant and enjoyed great food and great wine.
GSB friends at Old Pro
Meeting many more classmates at Old Pro to celebrate that midterms are over.
Back to Schwab to get a few hours sleep before the Impact Lab board meeting in San Francisco. Really excited to present our findings on the project.