Helena Velloso

MBA 2015
  • Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Pre-MBA: Consultant specializing in sustainability strategy

Helena Velloso

Post Graduation Goals:

Go back to Brazil and help change the reality of the country.

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

My social innovation trip to India! I loved learning more about India, its challenges and opportunities. Not to mention the amazing group of students that traveled with me.

Wake up in beautiful Escondido Village and get ready for a full day!
On Mondays I have a morning full of classes! Data and Decisions from 8 to 10 and Finance from 10 to 12. I really enjoy my Finance class, especially because the professor is energetic and teaches hard topics in a comprehensive way. Before the GSB I used to think that I didn’t love finance very much, but that is changing this quarter.
After Finance class I ran to be a panelist at the MBA Program Info Session, where I talk about my experience and life here. I enjoy being a part of the GSB MAAP (MBA Admissions Ambassadors Program); I get to meet prospective students, call new admits, and be part of Admit Weekend. I always meet amazing people.
Lunch time! My husband is also a first-year MBA student at the GSB, and we always have lunch together on Mondays. He usually cooks, since he is a great chef! (Me, not so much…)
Time to prepare for tomorrow’s classes and to study (a lot!) for my finals next week.
Out for a run! I love running on campus, it’s so beautiful.
Here is a picture of my amazing WIM (Woman in Management) group. Every 15 days we get together in Ally’s house and talk about our week, our challenges and how things are going in life. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. I met really amazing women and got to share experiences with them. As a Brazilian, I really appreciate this group. They are all Americans and help me navigate American culture and open my perspective.
TALK time! Every Monday, two classmates stand in front of GSB students and talk about their life, and how they got here. This was a very special talk since Catherine, the brave person in front of the crowd, is from my WIM group.
Time to finish my last notes, and read my non-GSB book. (I always try to read something that is not related to my MBA course.) Currently I am reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers.
Wake up and check my emails, trying to get everything up to date
Fiona and me in Optimization and Simulation Modeling class…Best lab partner!
More studying for the finals, this time in the library. This view makes it a lot easier!
Lunch with Zoe and Isabel! We are attending a Brown Bag Lunch meeting about entrepreneurship in the food industry.
Microeconomics class. This is the only class that my husband and I have together.
Time for Electronic Business, my favorite class of the quarter. We have many interesting guest speakers and I really enjoy learning more about this topic.
Ran into Assaf, a good friend of mine here!
Time to go home and get ready for dinner at Mauricio and Nini’s home.
Dinner at Mauricio and Nini’s! They hosted a small group dinner for Latin American Student Association members! It was really fun.
Time to finish my last assignments, Skype with my mother, and go to bed! Zzzzzz…
No classes today, so I am going for a hike at the Stanford Dish.
Out for coffee at Starbucks with Erica, one of my best friends here! She is an MBA 2 at the GSB so she helps me figure out a lot of things.
Lunch with the Brazilians! We are planning a Global Study Trip to Brazil and we usually meet during lunch hour to plan everything.
Back to studying. This time I read my cases outside, on the GSB campus.
Quick pit stop at my house to get ready for the India pre-trip meeting!
India here we come! On this meeting we saw our schedule for the trip and had an overview of what is awaiting us in India.
The meeting ended with Aditi teaching us how to dance Bollywood style!
Dinner in Palo Alto with Klaudyna! Always so much fun!
Back to studying…Microeconomics is keeping me awake at night.