Isabella Torres Maluf

Isabella Torres Maluf
MBA 2016
  • Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Pre-MBA: Management consulting and startup in Brazil

Isabella Torres Maluf

Post Graduation Goals:

Learn as much as I can about innovation in the US and then drive change in Brazil

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

My TALK. Felt really to good to share that moment with my classmates.

Beautiful day at Stanford
Waiting at Schwab for my friend Siqi – we’re going to the morning Soulcycle class at the Stanford Shopping Center.
With Siqi at Soulcycle
Soulcycle, great way to start the day. I tried a version of Soulcycle in London when I was visiting my brother (he was doing his undergrad there) and was immediately hooked. Meditation meets workout meets party. Boom.
Meeting in Arbuckle
Meeting at Arbuckle with my Big Data group: Laura, Tracy and Rachel. We’re working with a startup to see if we can improve their current processing algorithm.
Base Finance class! I have a summer internship in banking so this is probably one of the most important classes for me. Our professor, Dirk Jenter, is amazing! Engaging, knowledgeable and approachable.
Paypal’s Latin America leadership team
Discussion with Paypal’s Latin America leadership team on payments, e-commerce and trade in the region. The event was organized by LASA (Latin American Student Association). Luckily, lunch was provided!
Organizational strategy class. Today’s theme was "star managers" and we worked on two cases: 1) Google’s Project Oxygen, trying to answer the question – do managers matter? 2) Royal Bank of Canada and performance evaluation
At Couple with Katherine and May
Pit stop at Coupa Café before my next class to get a medium cappuccino (same as usual). Quick hello to Katherine and May before dashing out.
Horacio Melo from Startup Chile
Creating High Potential Ventures in Developing Economies class. The case was SaferTaxi, a taxi app in South America. Guest speakers are definitely a class highlight for me. Today we had Horacio Melo from Startup Chile talking to us.
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s run before dinner. Stocking up on reduced fat guacamole, hummus, low fat pita crackers and some wine.
Dinner at Terun
Dinner at Terun with my good friends, Liz, Talal and Will! Nina couldn’t make it, but sent over a bottle of wine. We forgave her.
Answered some emails before calling it a night.
Jogging at Stanford
Campus drive loop run with my roommate Seun and good friend Tracy. Working out in groups keeps me motivated!
Schwab Residence front desk
Dropping off the laundry at the Schwab Residential Center. I'm so grateful the staff thinks about how to make things so convenient for us.
My name in coffee
Coupa never fails to amaze me – it’s all in the details. It makes me so happy to be at the GSB.
Base Finance class again today! Lecture on futures and forwards, a first glimpse into derivatives. Prof. Jenter is as awesome as ever.
Lines at Arbuckle cafeteria
Beat the lines at Arbuckle! I have to run to a Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) presentation so there's no time to have a sit-down lunch.
Global Study Trip meeting
Learning about what it takes to lead the future class of ’17 on a Global Study Trip (to Brazil, of course). Excited to put together a team and itinerary so I can introduce my country to the new MBA1s.
Chat with a friend
Catching up with one of my first friends at the GSB, Brittany. She was in São Paulo in May before we started the GSB so I got to show her around. The weather was lovely so we sat down outside and enjoyed the California sun.
Selfie with Nina
Ran into Nina (my housemate who sent the wine on Tuesday) on my way back to Schwab and couldn’t resist taking a picture with her so she would be included in my week.
Getting my nails done
Sneaking some time in to get my nails done. It’s very common in Brazil so I indulge whenever it works out.
Debating Russian foreign policy
Went to a classmate-led event to debate Russian foreign policy. It’s really impressive to see how everyone is so committed and willing to contribute to one another’s learning.
Brazilian food
Hosted a Small Group Dinner. On the menu: Brazilian entrées (bolinha de queijo, coxinha and empadinha), signature salad and chicken fried rice. At least my guests pretended to like it...
Email checking before calling it a night!
Studio Kicks kickboxing
An early start to the day. I have to get to kickboxing class, which is a 15 minute drive away. My friend Anna is coming with me today. It's always good to have company!
Equipment at Studio Kicks
Intense cardio workout at Studio Kicks. I started kickboxing before coming to Stanford and really enjoyed it so I’m glad I found somewhere that works for me.
Calafia for brunch
Went to brunch at Calafia, a lovely restaurant at Town & Country, an open-air shopping mall close to Stanford.
Microeconomics homework
Doing some work for my microeconomics class in my room at the Schwab Residential Center
Ethiopian food in San Jose
Going for lunch with the Brazilians at an Ethiopian restaurant in San Jose. This was my first time having Ethiopian food – I definitely recommend it!
Planning a Global Study Trip
Working on organizing a Global Study Trip to Brazil for the incoming MBA class. We’re starting early because the proposal is extensive.
Some more work to be done before the week starts...Doing some reading and organizing files.
Super lucky to have signed up in time for a very special dinner: Lakota Sioux, hosted by Megan Red Shirt-Shaw (a dear friend and SO to another first-year MBA). One of the highlights of my time at the GSB is getting to learn more about Native Americans while enjoying some authentic buffalo chili in good company – a night to remember.
Final emails before calling it a night!