Mia Mabanta

MBA 2012
  • Hometown: Manila, Philippines
  • Pre-MBA: VP Product Strategy at HelloWallet; Senior Research

Mia Mabanta

Post Graduation Goals:

Business development or product strategy at a company that I’m passionate about.

A favorite GSB memory:

Schwab was great, but living off campus opens up a whole new world of social options. The smaller gatherings at classmates' houses are a nice complement to the larger events. Another great memory was going to Treasure Island Music Festival in SF.

Wake up, put my gym clothes on and pack everything I need for the day.
Get to Arrillaga Gym on campus, work out for an hour before class.
Attend my 'Lives of Consequence' class with Rod Kramer. Today's session is on money and happiness. It's interesting to hear my classmates' diverse perspectives on the topic.
I run into some friends at the picnic benches outside Arbuckle and we have lunch together. We talk about recruiting, the case for our afternoon class, and celebrating a birthday.
I get a call from the firm I interviewed with yesterday - they've offered me a final-round interview in New York!
Attend my Formation of New Ventures class with professors Jim Ellis, Jeff Chambers, and Mike Child. Today's case is on ICON Aircraft, a company that manufacturers a new type of sport aircraft. As always, the founder (a GSB alum) is in attendance.
Attend a White Party leadership meeting to discuss our marketing strategy for the event. The White Party is an annual charity auction and a major GSB event. As the end of EAP is nearing, we discuss getting the MBA1s involved in planning.
Grab a quick dinner at Ike's Sandwiches at the Engineering Building before my public speaking class.
Attend public speaking, the "across the street" (i.e., non-GSB) class I'm taking this quarter. The students in the class come from different departments across Stanford, which is an interesting change of pace from GSB classes.
After class is over, I head back to downtown Palo Alto for my friend Christine's birthday party. After a long day of class it feels great to unwind with friends and wine.
Wake up, get ready, and put on a suit: I have an interview today!
Get coffee and breakfast at Arbuckle and go over behavioral questions I might get asked.
Interview time. I head to the Bass Center to check in. 90 minutes later, I emerge unscathed.
According to my phone, I have 15 minutes for lunch before my next meeting. I get a salad at Arbuckle and eat quickly.
Head across the square to Coupa Cafe where I meet my mock interviewer. He gives me some great feedback.
Meet up with some classmates to do a photo shoot to promote the upcoming Latin Fiesta. Photography is a hobby of mine and luckily I get to do it pretty often at the GSB. With a few props and some creativity, we get some great shots.
Head to Nola's in downtown Palo Alto for a happy hour hosted by one of the companies that's recruiting.
Head to the gym for a workout.
Meet friends for dinner at LYFE Kitchen, a "healthy fast food" restaurant that recently opened in PA.
Get back to the GSB just in time for TALK12, a weekly series where a classmate shares personal stories from his or her life. My friend Adam is up tonight.
Wake up.
Walked the Stanford Dish Trail with my friends Susan and Jen. It's a perfect Saturday morning activity.
Brunch at Woodside Bakery with friends.
Spend the afternoon running errands for a Halloween/birthday party that some friends and I are hosting tonight. This mostly involves picking up equipment and other supplies for the photo booth I plan on setting up.
Pick up tacos for everyone on the party planning team then head to Thunderdome to continue preparations.
The party kicks off as guests start rolling in. It's a fun, joyous night and we've got the photos to prove it!