Tere Pérez Lobatón

MBA 2014
  • Hometown: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
  • Pre-MBA: Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Tere Pérez Lobatón

Post Graduation Goals:

Return to Mexico and sculpt the emerging nonprofit world. I want to transform the way assistance is provided to disadvantaged sectors in the country.

Favorite GSB Memory So Far:

Rwanda Social Innovation Study Trip-international development understanding through the lens of rural community entrepreneurs, government officials, business leaders, and development practitioners.

I wake up to amazing Californian weather, and I can’t help but smile. The thrill of a new day at the GSB lies ahead.
I head to Arbuckle dining hall to have breakfast with Haley. We had a great and deep conversation about our lives, families, the GSB, future plans, etc.
I manage to survive another challenging finance class where we discussed risk management and the cost of capital.
It’s time for a coffee at Coupa. I run into Section 5 friend Jannis. We talked about our internship opportunities and about going to Africa for a GMIX.
I grab a quick sandwich from Arbuckle and head back to my Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations class. Topic of the day: social entrepreneurship with guest speaker and Ashoka founder, Bill Drayton.
I head to my final lecture of the day: fascinating marketing class about pricing of contact lenses for chickens. No joke!
I have a long phone call conversation with the founder of a Kenyan nonprofit organization for whom I have been working. We discuss the nonprofit’s current strategy and fundraising approach.
I go to dinner with my amazing friend Ruthie, who I met in my Social Innovation Study Trip to Rwanda last winter and who has become a very close friend ever since.
I head back to Ferguson lounge in Schwab for a meeting about the social sector. We have a great discussion about Impact Investing and the challenges of measuring social returns.
After a long day I walk back home to find some friends chilling out in my kitchen. What a great way to end the day.
I start the day with a nice quick breakfast and finish reading the assigned case for class.
I walk to the GSB ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges of a new week.
I´m happy to be in D&D (Data & Decision) with two amazing girls, Aure and Nicole.
I go back to Schwab and cook lunch with my incredible roommate, Mariana. We make some delicious Mexican “birria.” Missing my country´s food hasn’t been an issue here!
I spend a few hours checking my emails and doing some homework.
I have one of my last coaching sessions with Raj, who has been a brilliant fellow and friend, always asking the right questions, and helping me navigate through the process of self-reflection and self-awareness.
I head out to tutoring at EPATT. Along with my friends Maya (back row third from left) and Elena (back row fifth from left), we help high school students with their studying skills, algebra, and Spanish homework.
I walk back to the MBA Lounge and meet the awesome group of friends that I made during the past winter’s trip to Rwanda.
Tonight´s TALK (1-hour life story speech from a classmate) was given by Greg. There was not a single space available in the room, proof of how supportive and close our GSB community is.
I head back home to finish up some homework and call home.
Today is the legendary Vegas FOAM party. Everybody dresses in 70’s costumes, goes to class, and then flies out to Las Vegas for just one night. Great costumes in Finance class!!!
I take a picture with Gil, who is wearing an amazing costume as well. He even worked a 70’s beard.
Maria and I relax a bit in the sun before our Marketing class.
I run back home to finish up a paper due that day and check-in on my flight.
Everywhere in SFO airport you see GSBers wearing the most ridiculous outfits.
We arrive to Las Vegas and we join a party in a friend’s hotel suite. The place has the most amazing view of the city and the Bellagio fountains.
We finally arrive to a private club where we join the other 350 GSBers that have made the trip this far.
I head back to the hotel hoping to sleep a few hours before traveling back to Stanford. I can’t wait to continue learning, seizing opportunities, creating meaningful relationships and having some fun along the way. Without doubt, life at the GSB has been an incredible journey.