Tilia Wong

MBA 2012
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Pre-MBA: Project Engineer, Shimmick Construction

Tilia Wong

Post Graduation Goals:

To work in consulting focusing on infrastructure, public sector, and sustainability. Hopefully deal with emerging markets.

A favorite GSB memory:

Watching Safra Catz in Mergers & Acquisitions class and realizing she's got the most chutzpah out of anyone I've met AND she's a woman!

Wake up and get ready.
Out the door to go to my 8 AM interview. The quiet before the storm. Waiting for my interview in the library.
Go to the interview.
I get done and check my email in the library and talk to my classmates.
Mentally preparing myself to start three hours of T-group/emotional gymnastics. We talk about diversity and share stories and feelings surrounding them.
I get lunch with Laura Kruizenga. We go off campus to Lyfe, a new vegetarian restaurant off University Avenue in Palo Alto.
We pass by the yoga studio where I and quite a few other GSBers do yoga. They offered a Groupon a few months ago that started all of us on this studio. After lunch we get frozen yogurt and head back to campus. Laura happy with her frozen yogurt.
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I sit outside and do my reading for my 'Lives of Consequence' class.
Meet up with Elizabeth Encisco to chat for an hour. We catch up about our day and I give her a case in preparation for interviews
Run over to Vaden Health Center to get a flu shot. It takes me about 10 minutes and the nurses are really friendly.
Eat dinner at Arbuckle café with Benoit Passot, Laura Kruizenga, and Jonathon Contos who is chilling in Arbuckle as we eat dinner right before class. It's ribs for dinner for me as it's so much more appealing than the other choices of burger or salad. Benoit is about to dig into his Arbuckle ribs.
Head to the second session of Touchy Feely for more feedback and personal exploration.
End of class and time to head home.
Get home and catch up with my roommate Althea Chia.
It's finally bedtime. I'm really tired.
Get up, eat breakfast.
Take care of email for about 45 minutes.
Get ready and watch some CNN.
Commute to school.
Yet another interview. Usually I have aerial fabrics class in the gym but had to skip it this time. : ( Aerial fabrics is an amazing class! Elizabeth Encisco and I getting ready to get serious. Me with my job search, Elizabeth with coaching MBA1s. Luca Gualco enters the picture for a mini Section 1 reunion.
Drop off dry cleaning. Lunch with Elizabeth Encisco and Martha Tian at Loving Hut in downtown Palo Alto. It's a vegan restaurant but surprisingly good for how healthy the food is.
Run in to members of the Asian society planning their next activity: a game night with icebreakers and board games. Of course, all topped off with a healthy serving of dumplings.
Meet with Ashley at the library computers to talk about school work. Yes, we do have to do work in b-school.
Give a case to a PhD from the Engineering school in preparation for his interview. Building relationships across the street!
Commute home is riddled with El Camino stoplights.
Relax and talk to my friends outside the GSB on the phone. Work on accounting homework. Excited for the new episode of South Park! Start writing my journal recording my feelings surrounding class for Touchy Feely. Read up for my Mandarin quiz tomorrow!
It's bed time. I really need to get to bed earlier.
I wake up to a phone call from Martha to go on a quest to complete our Halloween costumes for a party tonight.
We go shopping along Broadway in downtown Redwood City to pick up some orange shorts for our Halloween costume. Martha is successful in sourcing orange shorts!
I stop in at Kellee's and Akin's place to celebrate her birthday! She's set up a great party with Tinkerbell theme in their beautiful apartment. We're all wearing fairy-themed party hats.
I meet up with a non-GSB friend for lunch on Castro Street in Mountain View. There's plenty of good restaurants there so we settle on Mediterranean food for lunch.
I head back over to Kellee's party and continue the socializing over wine and cheese. Women from Class of 2012, section 1!
I'm at home alternating between making phone calls and writing emails to coordinate to go out tonight, trying to take a nap, and working in some time to give my parents a call.
I meet Elizabeth at Tofu House for a nice comforting dinner of Korean tofu soup.
Head up to San Francisco and meet up with a bunch of GSBers to celebrate Halloween in style at Booty SF.
Bedtime. I should probably give up on my goal of going to bed early at this point.