Dr. Vaibhav Agrawal

Dr. Vaibhav Agrawal
MBA 2016
  • Hometown: New Delhi, India
  • Pre-MBA: Founded a chain of family clinics and worked in VC

Dr. Vaibhav Agrawal

Post Graduation Goals:

Improve access to healthcare in the US and emerging markets through starting or investing in disruptive businesses.

Highlight of My Week:

We finally developed the first prototype for an easy-to-use high-accuracy ultrasound probe in Biodesign class!

Rock Climbing
I love starting Mondays with a workout! I’m learning the tricks of rock-climbing at the Arrillaga Center with classmates Brittany and Conrado.
Operations class kicks off the week. We discussed why Zara loves running out of the latest designs at its stores. Having run a pharmacy across a clinic chain, I never realized stock-outs could be a viable strategy!
Lunch at Arbuckle before Touchy Feely begins. I have my favorite spicy California maki rolls today!
Touchy Feely class
Touchy Feely is the most intense 4-hour class on interpersonal dynamics at the GSB. I and 11 other classmates sit in a circle and discuss our deepest anxieties, strengths and weaknesses.
Biking with Ana
I need some air between back-to-back sessions of Touchy Feely. Biking over to Starbucks across campus to grab coffee with classmate Ana from Mexico.
TALK at the GSB
Monday nights are special at the GSB. Two classmates share their most vulnerable moments from the past and their biggest dreams of the future with 200+ other classmates. I’m amazed how quickly we’ve built this strong circle of trust.
Dinner with friends
The day was long and my emotions are running high after TALK. I eat dinner with close friends from back home before calling it a night at the Schwab Residential Center.
Tennis at Taube South Courts
I’m up early for a tennis match with Emma, just a quick hop over to the Taube South Courts. I learn that my backhand needs some work and my legs are not so young anymore! A quick shower and back to school.
Taking Finance with the legendary Professor Van Horne. I am excited to learn about raising debt versus equity for a business – something I had no clue about 5 years ago when I started my first business!
Health Care Club Leadership 2015
Meet the Health Care Club leadership team 2015! Co-leading the weekly team meeting to discuss the club calendar for upcoming BBLs (Brown Bag Lunches), where exciting companies come to campus to meet students.
Lunch with a friend
I love meeting new classmates over lunch. I’m humbled to learn about the life of Merel, a first-year MBA, who won a medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
BioDesign class
At the Biodesign class across campus with my 1000-horsepower startup team! We have a neurosurgeon, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, a nuclear physicist, and two physician-MBAs in the ranks.
Prototype drawing
After four hours of work, our first attempt has FAILED to develop an easy-to-use ultrasound for physicians in emergency rooms. ‘Fail fast’ is lesson 101 at the GSB. An hour of brainstorming later, we have a new prototype idea for Thursday.
CEO of the Permanente Medical Group
Professor Robert Pearl, CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, delivered a stimulating TEACH on shifting healthcare regulations in the US. TEACH has been a fantastic way for me to meet influential speakers and learn about latest industry topics.
I have taken my aunt, who is visiting from Beijing, to my favorite restaurant in downtown Palo Alto, Ruby Rangoon. The Tea Leaf Salad is a must try!
Cranking out homework and readings for the second half of the week with some smooth jazz back home at Schwab.
Biking on campus
Sundays are best when homework is out of the way early! Biking across campus to the medical school library for some quiet reading and to work on cases.
GSB Paintball
Today the first- and second-year MBAs took each other on in a paintball tournament 45-minutes outside Stanford in Sunol. Need I say who won?!
Back from paintballing. A quick Schwab workout before I shower and hit the sack for a couple of hours.
Early dinner
Marcos and I have teamed up to find summer internship opportunities. We talk about the latest over dinner at Town and Country Village, 5 minutes outside Stanford.
My not-so-favorite part of the week when I need to do laundry and get groceries. Thank goodness for Instacart!
Hanging out with friends
Discussing the logistics for a Memorial Day trip to Hawaii with friends. I’m so sleepy now. This has been quite a dreamy week at Stanford GSB.