Meet the BOLD Fellows

While their communities, cultures, and experiences are diverse, BOLD fellows all exhibit defining qualities: courage, confidence, and leadership. Meet the BOLD fellows who are having an impact at Stanford GSB.

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

“I hope to be a leader that prioritizes equitable access to opportunities and resources for everyone especially individuals that have been underserved. I hope my experiences as a diverse leader encourages many others that look like me or have diverse backgrounds to not rule themselves out but instead bet on themselves.”

Hometown: Samsun, Turkey

“Coming from a country where domestic violence has recently skyrocketed and raised in a family that sees marriage as the only ‘honorable’ path for a girl, I have relentlessly worked to lift myself up first and than other women with me. Post-Stanford, I want to work for an impact investing firm in the U.S. As I advance my career, I want to continue pulling other women up with me — this time specifically by investing in high-impact, high-growth companies that will create employment for disadvantaged women in Turkey to break out of the cycle of repression that they find themselves in — just as I did.”

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

“What motivates me most is the urgency to develop solutions for the immense and imminent problems that humanity and the planet at large are facing today. There is nothing more exciting than thinking of ways in which we can build corporations, financial institutions, governments, and the civil initiatives of the future that will tackle climate change and global injustice. We have so many exciting ideas to realize to keep pushing humanity forward in our journey of unlocking constant progress and prowess.”

Hometown: Evander, Mpumalanga

“Seeing untapped value in people, businesses or places where others don't and helping them live up to that value.”

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

“Stanford GSB is a place that provides abundant resources and unwavering support to help you realize your dreams. It’s extraordinary — as a student, I believe the boundary of possibility is only my imagination.”

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

“I am motivated by a desire to pay it forward by developing products & services that solve real problems, and also to tackle issues of access and inequity that impact marginalized communities. In the process, I strive to show up in every room and situation I enter with a heart of generosity, humility, and an eagerness to learn from the experiences of others. I hope to be able to pour into and invest in others the way that so many have invested in me.”

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

“I hope that through my ventures, I enable people from low-income backgrounds to achieve their dreams, academic or otherwise. I plan to achieve that by lowering learning curves and making high quality production of certain services, ranging from housing to computer graphics, more affordable.”

Hometown: Lake Elsinore, California

“One of my favorite Native American stories is about a group of women seeking to touch the stars. When one of them succeeds, Father Sky looks down and says, ‘how did you get to be so tall?’ Her response: ‘I stand on many shoulders.’ I stand on the shoulders of my immigrant parents, my siblings, all of the patients I have cared for, and countless more. I am motivated to help others stand on my shoulders - to send the elevator back down so other immigrant children, people of color, sexual and gender minorities, or low-income first generation students can envision themselves in and pursue leadership positions.”

Hometown: Albany, New York

“I hope to improve leadership diversity by continuing to build women's healthcare solutions and invest behind diverse founders.”

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

“Helping one more person become financially literate, can impact generations of their family. I know this is true because it impacted mine. It’s my aim to reach one more person each day, to create hope, and scale it across communities.”

Hometown: Byblos, Lebanon

“Through my career and future ventures, I hope to advance leadership diversity by building equitable opportunities and pathways that can address barriers to meritocracy, and that can give a chance to the hidden talents and dreamers of the world who deserve to be recognized and nurtured, regardless of circumstances or structural limitations.”

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Working to make the world a freer place, with opportunities for all to pursue their own goals and serve their communities through their work.”

Hometown: Inglewood, CA

“I'm deeply motivated by the idea of leveraging the opportunities and talents gifted upon me to expand access for the communities that shaped me.”

Hometown: Jacutinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil

“I’m passionate about education and its power to transform lives. I am eager to explore design and technology frameworks for learning solutions at Stanford so I can build innovative workforce development programs in Latin America and help close the opportunity gap.”

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

“I am motivated by closing the racial wealth gap. My goal is to build scaled solutions and pathways to economic opportunity and wealth creation in communities of color.”

Hometown: Lima, Peru

“My professional goal is to create education opportunities for underserved populations in Latin America, especially adults who didn’t receive an adequate education and have limited chances to achieve social mobility. I see myself as the founder of a private company focused on upskilling and providing alternative higher education to young adults, with the potential of scaling and being profitable while creating social good.”

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

“Having been born and raised in Nepal, I have always been passionate about uplifting other women from South Asia. I hope to build an ecosystem of ventures to advance gender parity in the region.”

Hometown: Florianópolis, Brazil

“I am motivated by complex, chaotic and deemed unsolvable problems. That's where big impact can be had, and arguably, most of the fun.”

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia