MSx Fellow standing next to the Change Wall

Career Impact for MSx Students

Whether you intend to accelerate your current career path or transition to a new one, the Stanford MSx Program will impact your future — personally, as well as professionally.

Each Sloan Fellow is unique. Some will continue to advance in their organizations. Others change their career trajectory and shift industry, function, or geography. Still, others are inspired to start a new venture. Along the way, Fellows receive support and guidance from the Stanford GSB Career Management Center, faculty and staff members, and our vibrant alumni community.

Career Management

Finding a job is not the endgame. Rather, your year at Stanford is about discovering why and how you want to make an impact and realizing your potential. The CMC supports you as you:

  • Clarify your purpose and career strategy
  • Gain confidence in your job search skills
  • Identify targets that leverage your talents, expertise, and experience

Stanford LEAP 360°

Before you even arrive on campus, you will complete the Stanford LEAP 360° leadership assessment. It requires you to think deeply about your personal values and your skills as a leader. Executive coaches will use your assessment to help guide your academic, career, and life choices throughout the year.

Career Core

Build a foundation for lifelong career management during your first quarter as you master core concepts that will help guide your career strategy. Then, work with a coach to address your unique needs.

Personal Coaching and Support

Work one-on-one with a CMC coach who understands your personal career goals. Following your lead, our coaches will help clarify and refine them.

Alumni Resources

Meet with industry insiders who understand the mid-career transitions of Sloan Fellows best — our alumni. Gain insights from alumni with deep experience in technology, startups, private equity, venture capital, consumer products, social impact, and more.

Support for Every Stage of Your Career

After you leave the Stanford MSx Program, you will continue to have access to alumni career support and development opportunities, including:

  • Access to a global database of senior executive positions
  • Career development workshops offered throughout the year in virtual and in-person formats
  • Personalized 1:1 career coaching with executive coaches