Shwetha Mariadassou

Shwetha Mariadassou
PhD Student, Marketing
PhD Program Office Graduate School of Business Stanford University 655 Knight Way Stanford, CA 94305

Shwetha Mariadassou

I study consumer judgment and decision-making. My primary research stream examines how communication mediums—for example, auditory versus visual messages and personalized platforms—shape our choices and judgments in consequential domains, such as recommendations, cancel culture, and sustainability. I am also interested in using novel and diverse methodologies to improve consumer behavior research. Broadly speaking, my work seeks to better understand how context interacts with the information consumers receive to influence their judgments and behavior.

Job Market Paper

The Effect of Auditory and Visual Recommendations on Choice

We explore the effect of recommendation modality on recommendation adherence. Results from five experiments run on various online platforms (N = 6,103) show that people are more likely to adhere to recommendations that they hear (auditory) than recommendations that they read (visual). This effect persists regardless of whether the auditory recommendation is spoken by a human voice or an automated voice and holds for hypothetical and consequential choices. We show that the effect is in part driven by the relative need for closure—manifested in a sense of urgency—that is evoked by the ephemerality of auditory messages. This work suggests that differences in the physical properties of auditory and visual modalities can lead to meaningful psychological and behavioral consequences.