Our Fellows

Sara Johns

Fields of Interest

Energy and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization

I graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 with degrees in Economics and Environmental Science. My interests center around energy economics after working with energy consumption on campus, energy markets in Denmark, and a solar company in the US. I recently received the Frederick S. Deibler Award for my honors thesis on the effect of wind energy on the Texas electricity market and have also done research on the California electricity market, socially responsible enterprises, and environmental regulation.

Current Projects

I am currently working with Rebecca Diamond on a project that examines the effect of foreclosures on homeowners, and with Tim McQuade on a project that investigates patenting and innovation.

Sylvia Klosin

Fields of Interest

Econometrics and Labor Economics

I received degrees in Economics and Statistics from the University of Chicago in 2017. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I developed an interest in labor economics. I was able to explore this interest through research assistantship work for Professor Steven Davis. This culminated in a senior thesis on wage posting and matching in online job markets for which I received the David S. Hu Award in Economics. Through my econometrics and statistics classes I also became interested in studying causal inference, which I hope to explore further during the GSB Research Fellows Program.

Current Projects

I’m currently working for Professor Susan Athey looking to see how contextual bandits can be used in social science research. I am also working with Professor Guido Imbens to investigate difference-in-differences settings with staggered policy adoption.

Mitchell Linegar

Fields of Interest

Political Economy, Organizational Behavior, Information Economics

I graduated from Reed College in 2018 with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. I worked as a research assistant for Professor Nicholas Wilson, focusing on the demographics of interpersonal violence and the presence of recall bias in mass survey data. I also worked at an energy consulting company, where my work focused on web scraping and detecting anomalous periods of home-energy use. I received the Gerald M. Meier Award after completing my senior thesis, which examined the effects campaign rhetoric on poll support in the 2016 presidential election.

Current Projects

I am working with Professors Ali Yurukoglu and Gregory Martin modeling the effects of cable news topic coverage and viewership on the 2012 presidential election, with Professor Laura Blattner to examine how statistical models used in lending can result in unfair treatment through different rates of misclassification, and with Professors Jungho Choi and Brandon Lee Gipper to answer empirical questions about the consequences for employees at firms that engage in accounting fraud.

Helena Pedrotti

Fields of Interest

Applied Microeconomics

I graduated from Reed College in 2017 with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. While I was there, I worked as a research assistant for Professor Jeffery Parker looking at transitioning economies in Central Europe. I also participated in the NSF funded LAKES REU where I looked at the effect of water quality on lakefront house property values. My senior year, I received the Gerald M. Meier Award after completing my senior thesis examining the relationship between legalizing prenuptial agreements and wealth inequality in the US.

Current Projects

I am working with Professor Paulo Somaini examining an education experiment to decrease school drop-out rates by changing which family member receives a financial incentive. We hope to explore how these changing family dynamics can be modeled in a game-theoretic framework. I’m also working with Professor Peter Koudijs on a project exploring the role of skill and learning in financial market making by exploiting exogenous changes in 1940s Amsterdam.

Haviland Sheldahl-Thomason

​​Fields of Interest

International Finance, Macroeconomics and Industrial Organization

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Applied Mathematics from Smith College and a Master’s degree in International and Development Economics from Yale University. Prior to joining the program I worked as a consultant at Innovations for Poverty Action and as a research associate at Harvard Business School. I have co-authored a number of business school cases, most of which relate to the macroeconomies of developing countries, and have assisted in international finance data analysis.

Current Projects

I am working with Professor Juliane Begenau on a finance project concerning the private costs of leverage. I am also working with Professor Aruna Ranganathan on a project that examines the implications of organizational practices for worker outcomes in an Indian factory.

Korinayo Thompson

​Fields of Interest

Econometrics, Political Economics, Public Economics, Consumer Finance

I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Political Science from Yale University in 2018. As an undergraduate I pursued research in political economics and public policy, which culminated in a senior project on U.S. municipal police unions and accountability provisions contained within their contracts. The bulk of my graduate coursework was in statistics and quantitative methods for social science. Through these courses I became interested in causal inference, and hope to explore the topic further over the course of the RF program.

Current Projects

I’m currently working for Professor Saumitra Jha on a randomized experiment estimating the impact of participation in international financial markets on financial learning and political preferences of British citizens during the 2016 EU Referendum. I am also working with Professor Katherine Casey to analyze an experimental scale-up of a political information campaign during parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone.