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Effective leadership requires the ability to flexibly respond to constantly changing and unpredictable environments with ease and agility.  In this course, you will participate in active and engaging exercises to help you embrace spontaneity, work effectively with others, and develop novel solutions. Through the application and understanding of building ideas in teams, you will be able to earn the trust of your colleagues and conceptualize objectives in positive ways. 

Combining approaches from improvisational theater and research from social psychology, this class provides a highly interactive and research-based foundation for unleashing your creativity and maximizing your agility across the myriad roles you assume

Key Topics

  • Embracing spontaneity, adaptability, and risk
  • Working with others to build ideas and work effectively as a team
  • Maximizing your creativity

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to embrace spontaneity without fear of failure
  • Discover your tendencies when interacting in groups 
  • Learn and implement frameworks for maximizing creativity
  • Feel more prepared to tackle any sort of situation and uncertainty

Learning Model

This course is offered in four modules and each module extends beyond theory and enables you to put your learnings directly into practice for real-time results. Videos, case studies, simulations, and personal feedback on select assignments will enhance your understanding of course concepts.

Once you pay, you will unlock course material for 60 days and can save select materials for future reference.

Course Flow


Rania Helaihel
Associate Director, On-Demand Courses Executive Education