COVID Cases and Responsible Behavior

In a message to Stanford GSB students, Dean Jon Levin emphasizes leadership in the pandemic.

January 08, 2021

We have received reports of large student gatherings over the break, at least one resulting in multiple cases of COVID-19.

The reported behavior occurred off-campus and out-of-term. But at Stanford GSB our expectations extend beyond these boundaries — we believe in service to the greater good at all times. This is a public health crisis, and in California, an acute period. A basic sense of citizenship is enough to see that it’s a bad idea to plan and participate in a potential super-spreader event. We expect citizenship and more — we expect leadership.

I want to be clear that everyone understands the disappointment and loss of not having a normal student experience. You want to meet people and travel and experience the freedoms of being a student. The right response to that disappointment is not reckless behavior.

As you return to campus, Stanford and local public health rules remain in effect, and we will forward violations to the university review process. The residences are a high-density environment, where you are in close proximity to students and staff concerned about their health. If you feel you can’t abide by Stanford’s rules, make different living arrangements.

I hope everyone will take this episode as a chance to reflect on how you want to show up as a student, a citizen, and aspiring leader over the coming months. We recognize and appreciate that most of you have behaved admirably and responsibly.

For those who unfortunately have gotten COVID, I wish you a speedy recovery. There’s no justice in illness, and we are here to support you.

We’re looking ahead to a new year. A better year. With good fortune we all will get vaccinated and have the chance to be together again. This situation won’t last forever, but while it does, we must all do our part.

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