500 Startups (B): Expanding the Footprint in 2016

By Robert Siegel
2016 | Case No. E528B | Length 10 pgs.

500 Startups continued its expansion of accelerators and venture capital to cover a global footprint for underserved entrepreneurial markets between 2014 and 2016.  As investment returns began to occur, the organization looked to grow and expand beyond Silicon Valley and increase its presence in locations that were underserved by traditional venture capital. The case tells of the activities of McClure and the leadership team as they spread their activities across Asia and the Middle East, and became increasingly active in the venture and accelerator landscape.

Also see E528: 500 Startups: Scaling Early-Stage Investing.

Learning Objective

The goal of the case is to give an update on the progress of 500 Startups since the completion of the (A) case, and to show how the leader, Dave McClure, was working to grow the organization beyond his role as the founder/CEO. The case covers the challenges and opportunities of approaching non-traditional tech entrepreneurship markets, as well as growing a management team to cover a global organization.

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