Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative

Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative is a research and education collaboration between Stanford University and the Latino Business Action Network.

SLEI Research

Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative operates a research program that explores and expands our knowledge of the Latino entrepreneurial segment of the U.S. economy through research, knowledge dissemination, and facilitated collaboration. The program, jointly supported by LBAN and Stanford GSB’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, conducts an annual national survey to assess the current state of U.S. Latino entrepreneurship and is curating a significant panel of Latino entrepreneurs to enable longitudinal research to understand trends over time.

Specifically, SLEI research aims to:

  • Understand the state of Latino entrepreneurship by collecting and analyzing data, and shaping research in this field.
  • Advance knowledge and discourse by disseminating the results of the research.
  • Stimulate more informed policy-making, business partnerships, and knowledge and skill development through its research findings.

SLEI Research Strategy

  • Conduct comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research on U.S. Latino-owned businesses using annual SLEI national surveys, U.S. census data, and discussions with Latino entrepreneurs.
  • Publish reports useful to a span of groups, ranging from policymakers to educators to business owners.
  • Connect with faculty and practitioners who can use our data to conduct quality research and promote business owner education.

SLEI Education Scaling Program

SLEI also operates an education program as a collaboration between Stanford GSB Executive Education and Latino Business Action Network. It is an opportunity designed for U.S. Latino business owners who generate more than $1 million in annual gross revenues or have raised at least $500,000 of external funding. This seven-week immersive program provides business owners with education, enhanced networks, personal mentorship, and a better understanding of how to access and manage capital to scale their businesses.