Stanford Business Webinars

Stanford GSB Executive Education webinars cover a wide range of faculty research topics, allow you to submit questions to the faculty presenters of any upcoming events, and provide an opportunity for you to share your Stanford experience with your colleagues.

Personal Leadership

Learn how your nonverbal behaviors affect your status and power, and how to improve your ability to move flexibly among different hierarchical roles.

Organizational Leadership

Learn how being proactive, thinking holistically, and communicating strategically can help you manage the unexpected effectively.

Explore best practices for developing or unveiling pockets of exemplary performance and leveraging them to disseminate excellence throughout an organization.


Learn how to use competition correctly to promote innovation, achieve your strategy, and create the ideal culture in your organization.


Explore business approaches that can make your organization more innovative and to be able to deliver on those innovations.

Enhance your ability to resolve strategic problems, drive change in your organization, design and motivate teams to reach the next level.


Gain insights and tools to make better strategic financial decisions, build strategic partnerships, and assess your own personal leadership styles to become a more effective leader.

Other Topics


Learn how to translate strategies into actionable plans, what you need to respond to changing market conditions, to align your firm’s capabilities with its culture, and develop the modern COO mindset.


Examine some of the common beliefs about negotiation that have been called into question by empirical research and discover alternative ways to get what you want from any kind of negotiation.