How can you become a more effective, impactful, and authentic Asian leader?

Building leadership excellence, celebrating your uniqueness, and cultivating community are the key ingredients to success — and the focus of the Asian Leadership Program curriculum. The rigorous curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help you gain new skills, insights, and approaches to grow as a leader and accelerate your career. And you’ll be learning in great company — with a highly qualified and motivated global cohort of Asian leaders and world-renowned faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Through faculty-led lectures, small-group exercises, guest speakers, plus daily reflection, coaching, and action planning, you’ll enhance your leadership competencies and amplify your unique leadership style. You’ll learn how to draw on your identity as a source of power to thrive and lead.

As the first leading business school to develop a program for Asian executives, we’ve learned that designing a specialized curriculum that delivers core leadership lessons through the lens of your Asian identity provides a more personalized, relevant, and rewarding education experience.

Explore the three curricular pillars of your learning experience


From exploring the neuroscience of leadership to mastering global negotiations, you’ll dig into core leadership topics that help you sharpen your competencies, change your mindset, and amplify your impact in the business world.


Individuals are profoundly shaped by their own cultures and unique upbringings. By understanding and then leveraging your Asian identity and strengths, you’ll become a more effective and authentic communicator, speaker, motivator, and leader.


The learning experience gets even better when you can do it with others who share similar backgrounds, understand your challenges, provide diverse perspectives, and support your success. While the program is just one week, you’ll build relationships that add value to your life and career for years to come.


Akniet Rysbek
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education