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Twelve Months Later: Our 10 Top Stories About Working Through the Pandemic

An interview with Zoom’s CEO. A crisis-leadership playbook. A podcast on virtual presentations. And a word on how to close shop gracefully.

March 19, 2021

| by Steve Hawk
An illustration of people floating through space and connecting through planes meant to represent screens. Credit: Keith Negley

A year ago this month, almost everything about the workplace changed — especially the methods of communication. | Keith Negley

One year ago this month, workers around the world were told to stay home, stay safe — and somehow stay busy. Many lost their jobs. Others thrived. And everybody, it seemed, went looking for advice.

Here are 10 of our favorite articles from the Insights by Stanford Business website related to the global crisis that forever changed the way we work.

Eat, Sleep, Zoom

In the months since his company became a global verb, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has never been busier. Or more exhausted. Or happier.

Quick Thinks: Communicating and Leading Virtually

Host Matt Abrahams shares best practices for becoming a more effective and engaging online communicator.

The New Work-Life Reality Raises Equity and Inclusion Concerns

Beware of letting the COVID-19 crisis exacerbate established biases, warns a focus group of corporate and nonprofit leaders.

How to Launch in a Pandemic

Venture funding may be scarce right now, but it does exist — especially for ideas that meet the moment.

The Crisis Leadership Playbook

Don’t just tell your constituents how you’re responding to the pandemic, a Stanford expert says. Ask them what they want, listen to them, and then engage.

How to Be a Good Boss in Trying Times

Offering compassion, predictability, and control can help, say two Stanford experts.

The Graceful Exit

How to shutter a business when the pandemic forces closure.

The Productivity Pitfalls of Working from Home in the Age of COVID-19

Nicholas Bloom’s research has measured the benefits of working from home. But in the current coronavirus crisis, the economist fears productivity will plummet.

Reading Through the Pandemic

A Stanford business scholar discusses the literature that can sustain us in a crisis.

How a Restaurateur Is Navigating the Pandemic

Sales at America’s biggest restaurant franchisee plunged 60% after COVID-19 hit, but the company survived. Why? “The strength of the team,” says owner Greg Flynn.

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