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A Year in Stories: Top Ten Picks of 2020

We’ve gathered together the most memorable articles, interviews, podcasts, and videos from a year of world-changing events.

November 19, 2020

| by The Editors


An Illustration of figures floating through the air, connecting through screens. Credit: Keith Negley

In the year that saw Zoom become a global verb, one of our top reads this year is an article on the company’s founder and CEO, Eric Yuan. | Illustration by Keith Negley

The year 2020 has been like a house guest who overstays their welcome but then leaves behind a thoughtful gift.

For us, that gift is a strong collection of articles, podcasts, and videos by and about Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and alumni, all of which appeared on our Insights website. We’ve collected 10 of the most popular here. They include a podcast about effective communication, a video about the importance of empathy, and an interview with the founder and CEO of Zoom.

1. Think Fast, Talk Smart: The Podcast

How do I communicate clearly when put on the spot? How can I easily convey complex information? How do I manage my reputation?

2. The Super Power of Tomorrow? Being “Indistractable”

Learn how to take back control of your attention span.

3. Working From Home? Here’s How to Be More Effective

Stanford GSB experts discuss the secrets and pitfalls of keeping workers away from the office.

4. Power: What It Means to Have It — and How to Reclaim It

We all know what it looks like to use power badly. A new book shows us how it can be used well.

5. The Rise of the ‘Liberaltarian’

Tech industry millionaires are moving the Democratic Party to the left on almost every issue except government regulation. Unions beware.

6. The Hidden Social Advantage

We tend to reward the overconfidence of upper-class individuals, even when they get it wrong.

7. Eat, Sleep, Zoom

In the months since his company became a global verb, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has never been busier. Or more exhausted. Or happier.

8. How to Be a Good Boss in Trying Times

Offering compassion, predictability, and control can help, say two Stanford experts.

9. The Strategic Importance of Empathy

The key to dealing with difficult people is learning to widen your perspective.

10. Craftier Than Cash: How Banks Use Credit Cards to Bribe Bureaucrats

A forensic analysis reveals that Chinese banks deployed credit cards as a form of “disguised corruption.”

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