Why are big companies failing? What specific factors put them at risk? And, most importantly, how can you affect the forces at play to prevent failure and achieve success?

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal helps you answer critical questions like these. Designed specifically for senior-level executives at large organizations, the curriculum is jointly developed by Stanford and Harvard faculty. During the one-week schedule, you’ll have access to:

  • A systematic methodology for diagnosing and dissecting strategic challenges
  • Hands-on design thinking sessions to help you innovate for the future
  • Innovation challenge workgroups where you can apply what you’ve learned to your organization’s specific challenges

Program Highlights

Below is just a sample of the sessions you’ll experience as part of the program.

Using Culture for Competitive (Dis)Advantage

Why do industry leaders often lose their innovative edge, and how can they retain it? The purpose of this session is to explore how managers can balance the tension between the short and the long term, with particular attention to the use of culture in their organizations as a potential means for enhancing innovation.

Scaling Behavioral Change in a Successful Firm

A problem for every manager is how to scale change in attitudes — to make “good behaviors” or practices grow big fast and, in contrast, to shrink “bad behaviors” or practices quickly.

Managers accomplish this by scaling:

  • The top management team: bringing new people to the team
  • Idea generation, so that every employee contributes
  • Behavioral change
  • Talent: buying and building talent

Innovation Challenge Workgroups

As the pace of change increases, big firms are actually in trouble. Managers who are unable to deal with these changes are failing at an increasing pace.
Charles O’Reilly, Faculty Co-Director

Before the program begins, you will be asked to provide the program faculty co-directors with a brief description of a specific challenge your organization is facing with respect to innovation or change.

Workgroups will be organized based on the similarity of challenges. During the program, you, your workgroup, and a facilitator will meet daily to address actual challenges and craft solutions.


Other Selected Sessions

  • Design Thinking
  • Designs for Corporate Entrepreneurship in Established Firms
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Managerial Problem-Solving
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Industrialist’s Dilemma and Systems Leadership
  • Leading Large System Change: Building Influence


Kriss Craig
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education