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8 of Our Favorite Videos of 2023

Watch and learn about currency, algorithms, and reputation management.

December 05, 2023

| by Kelsey Doyle

As you wrap up and unwind this winter, keep your brain sharp with this collection of some of the best videos to come out of Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2023. Take a few minutes to learn the fundamentals of selling, get a glimpse into how VCs think, or see how GSB alums are changing the way people work and live.

1. Quick Study: How Venture Capitalists Make Decisions

Finance professor Ilya Strebulaev shares what he’s learned about “the VC mindset” — a unique approach to investing in risky, high-growth startups.

2. Explainer: What is an Algorithm?

Algorithms are everywhere. This video explains how a simple concept can help us complete complicated tasks.

3. Class Takeaways: The Fundamentals of Effective Selling

Learning to be authentically curious is critical for effective selling. Professor Jim Lattin and lecturer Barry Rhein teach you how to clear the obstacles that might hinder closing a deal.

4. Changemakers:

Founded by sisters Maite Diez-Canedo, MBA ’17, and Itziar Diez-Canedo, MS ’17, Via aims to make the hiring process easier for remote workers and employers across the globe.

5. Quick Study: China’s Plan to Challenge the Dollar

Finance professor Matteo Maggiori discusses what China must do to achieve its ambitious economic and monetary goals.

6. Changemakers: d.light

After meeting at Stanford GSB, Sam Goldman, MBA ’07, and Ned Tozun, MBA ’07, founded d.light, a company focused on creating sustainable, safe, and affordable solar products.

7. Class Takeaways: Reputation Management

Your reputation has a bigger impact than you may realize. Lecturer Allison Kluger teaches how to use it — and change it.

8. Explainer: What is Machine Learning?

What exactly is machine learning, and how is it related to artificial intelligence? This video explains this increasingly important concept and how you’ve already seen it in action.

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