David Larker, The James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting at Stanford GSB, smiling outdoors in front of a green background. Credit: Nancy Rothstein.
December 19, 2019

Should CEOs Take a Stance on Controversial Topics?

CEOs have traditionally shied away from politically charged issues, but that may be changing.


A photo of an origami unicorn made of a dollar bill. Credit: iStock/shutter2photos
May 5, 2020

How Much Is Your Slice of That Unicorn Really Worth?

A new online calculator estimates the true value of stock at venture-backed startups.


Cayman National Bank is pictured in George Town, Cayman Islands. Credit: Reuters/Gary Hershorn
May 4, 2020

Tax Havens Mask Global Risk Exposures

Corporations raise vast sums of money through subsidiaries in tax havens. A new study unravels big surprises in global imbalances.


Hydrogen chemical symbols are displayed on a sign at a hydrogen station. Credit: Reuters/Issei Kato
May 18, 2020

The Future of Hydrogen May Be Here

A new study shows that power-to-gas systems harnessing renewable energy can produce cleaner, cost-effective hydrogen for industry.


Pipes marked "Wasserstoff" (hydrogen), "Kuehlwasser" (coolant) and "Sauerstoff" (oxygen) are pictured at the "wind2hydrogen" pilot plant in Auersthal, Austria, Credit: Reuters/Heinz-Peter Bader
July 16, 2019

Why Hydrogen Could Improve the Value of Renewable Energy

A new study finds that hydrogen could address a major drawback of solar and wind power.


Anat R. Admati, Credit: Nancy Rothstein
July 12, 2019

Fixing a Rigged System

Anat R. Admati explains why our financial system still struggles with misconduct.
Learn about corporate accountability and social responsibility, and the operational structures of corporations.
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