Case Studies

This listing contains abstracts and ordering information for case studies written and published by faculty at Stanford GSB.

Robert Siegel, Peter Seibert

The Invoice2Go case follows CEO Greg Waldorf, CTO Kallol Das and PM Rachel Witalec as they scale the company from a small, Australian-based startup into a venture-backed global company. Particular issues explored include hiring new...

Robert Chess, Julie Makinen

Since the 1990s, the distinction between the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industry has blurred, creating what we can now call the biopharmaceutical industry. How and why did this happen, and where is the industry...

Wesley Hartmann, Debra Schifrin

Rachio, a small Denver-based company, developed and sold a disruptive technology that digitized home sprinkler systems. Rachio’s “Smart Sprinkler Controller” enabled homeowners to reduce water usage by up to 50 percent by using detailed weather...

William P. Barnett, Christy Johnson, Sahver Kaya

Netapp, a fast-growing innovator in the storage and data management market, had become successful both in the U.S. and around the world. By 2017 Netapp faces challenges as the cloud disrupted its core storage unit....

Peter Ziebelman, Matt Saucedo

The corporate venture capital (CVC) primer follows the journey of Claudia Fan Munce, the head of CVC for a major software and hardware conglomerate, as she and her team source and diligence partnership opportunities with...

Robert E. Siegel, Amadeus Orleans

AB InBev, the world’s largest beer company, faced serious challenges in 2017. First, large food and beverage companies were under-pressure due to shifting consumer preferences towards healthier products and increasing price pressure from retailers. The...

Robert Siegel, Julie Makinen

By almost any measure, Charles Schwab Corp. appeared to be killing it in 2017. The wealth management, banking, custody and brokerage firm’s stock was trading near its all-time high. It was posting unprecedented levels of...

Mary Ittelson, Amir Goldberg, Sheila Melvin

In the spring of 2016, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or SFMOMA, opened its doors for a series of celebrations following a three-year closure.  The museum had much to rejoice: a $305 million...

Rebecca Lester, Jaclyn Foroughi

In November 2015, U.S.-based biopharmaceuticals company Pfizer [NYSE: PFE] and Ireland-based pharmaceutical company Allergan [NYSE: AGN] announced a $160 billion merger to move Pfizer’s domicile out of the United States to Ireland in the largest...

David Dodson, Matt Saucedo

The Jennifer Dulski case follows the career of Silicon Valley executive Jennifer Dulski, tracing her path from her time as a startup CEO who sold her company to Google, before becoming COO of, the...

Steve Ciesinski, Howie Rosen, Matt Saucedo

The Aerobotics case provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities for drone-related startups. In particular, the case follows the journey of the Aerobotics founders as they design and develop a drone platform that...

James Lattin, Matt Saucedo

The Birch Benders case follows the story of Matt LaCasse and Lizzie Ackerman as they embark on a journey to make the world’s best pancake mix. Through their trials and tribulations, the readers learn of...

Stefan Reichelstein, Donna Bebb, Stephen Comello

In 2016, the German utility RWE undertook a carve-out in which substantial parts of the company’s assets and liabilities were offered to the general public as part of an IPO. The case describes the developments...

Mark Leslie, Mike Speiser, Julie Makinen

Clover Network’s founders didn’t see the curveball coming at the end of 2012. The two-year-old start-up had just nine employees. It had dumped its first business idea, pivoted from its second, and was working hard...

Hayagreeva Rao, Julie Makinen

How can a huge global company simplify its operations? AstraZeneca, a 60,000-employee pharmaceutical giant, faced a “patent cliff” starting around 2012, and saw revenue and income fall sharply for several years running.  CEO Pascal Soriot...

Robert E. Siegel, Amadeus Orleans

In 2017, significant changes were sweeping the global automotive industry: the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the race to develop commercially reliable autonomous cars and the ride-sharing phenomenon. Those trends were magnified by technological advancements...

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Before becoming an entrepreneur and investor, Peter Thiel pursued a more conventional, white-collar path.  He moved between jobs as a judicial clerk, a lawyer, and a Wall Street trader.  In 1998, Peter Thiel cofounded PayPal...

Robert Siegel, Julie Makinen

The offices of Pandora Media were thick with excitement and anxiety in March 2017.  The company had just launched its new streaming music subscription service, Pandora Premium.  The product was a major departure for Pandora,...

Robert Siegel, Cameron Lehman

From 2010 to 2017, General Electric pivoted from an industrial behemoth to a data-driven tech company by incorporating big data analytics across all of their subsidiaries. As the world’s first “digital industrial” company, it named...

Kathryn Shaw, Debra Schifrin

This case discusses how the leaders of the Royal Bank of Canada infused the 80,000-employee company with a new emphasis on People Analytics. This supported the bank’s business strategies for its wide range of business...