Case Studies

This listing contains abstracts and ordering information for case studies written and published by faculty at Stanford GSB.

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Leadership in Focus is a large collection of case vignettes, teaching, and learning resources that bring real-world business challenges to life and spark lively discussions aimed at improving executive skills. Each short video is accompanied by teaching notes for added context, suggested discussion questions and role-playing ideas to help engage groups of managers in learning experiences of their own. Leaders may also experience the cases online with opportunities to calibrate their thinking for actionable insights.

Rob Chess, Susan Pohlmeyer

This case examines the history of the home care industry in the United States and discusses the opportunities and challenges the co-founder and CEO of Honor Home Care faced when trying to scale the business....

Robert Siegel, Jeffrey Conn

This case describes 23andMe CEO and cofounder Anne Wojcicki’s founding story and her recent attempts to scale the company’s direct-to-consumer genetic testing franchise while simultaneously expanding its pharmaceutical development aspirations.

George Foster, Jeffrey Conn

This case provides an overview of the founding and scaling story of British health and wellness company Clinova. The case outlines the fledgling company’s early marketing successes signing up-and-coming athletes and sports franchises, as well...

Robert Chess, Jocelyn H. Hornblower

This case is primarily about the opportunity for mid-career professionals to return to work after a career break. It focuses on the company iRelaunch, which helps companies develop and implement career re-entry programs and connects...

Robert Chess, Jeffrey Conn

This case examines Nike’s push to develop a sneaker specifically engineered for walking and a luxury apparel line which are both purposefully marketed to an older demographic, a first for the company. The case focuses...

Robert Siegel, Nick Hubbard

Majid Al Futtaim, a retail and entertainment conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, undergoes a digital transformation under CEO Alain Bejjani in response to disruption in its four core industries: retail, hospitality, food/beverage and...

William Barnett, Gary Mekikian, Christy Johnson

Marcos Galperin, a graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business, founded Mercado Libre in 1999 with a vision to build an e-commerce company focused on serving the nascent but fast- growing Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets...

Peter Ziebelman, Joseph Golden

The main purpose of the Venus Medtech case is to give students a greater appreciation for the scale, sophistication, and competitiveness of the innovation landscape outside of Silicon Valley, with particular focus on China. Through...

Robert Chess, Joseph Golden

This case considers the state of telehealth, or the remote delivery of healthcare services via telecommunications technology, in 2019. Doctor On Demand, a promising start-up in the space, sought to solve the four main challenges...

Russell Siegelman, Laura Hattendorf, Mitchel Scott

The case follows Erica Mackey, CEO of early childhood education impact venture MyVillage, as she determines the growth path of the company after a recent fundraise. Particular issues explored include tensions between growth and mission,...

Robert Chess, Milana Shapira

Moshe Pinto, CEO, and Darin Buxbaum, COO, sat in their small conference room in Redwood City in what used to be the training facility for the San Francisco 49’ers. It had been four years since...

Sarah Soule, Stephan Leixnering, Markus Höllerer, Margot Sutherland

Erste Group (“Erste”), one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, faced a rapidly changing business environment in 2019: fintech startups were unbundling retail banking services as consumers’ expectations for service...

Robert Burgelman, Mimi Liu, Ziv Shafir

This case continues the story of Dr. Robert Pearl, who had guided the Permanente Group of Northern California through challenging years in the health care industry. While Kaiser Permanente had a long history and well-established...

John Glynn, Erika Feldhausen

This case introduces students to the history of women in the venture capital industry. It explores the impact of gender diversity on both company performance and fund returns, describes the lack of funding for female...

Stephen Ciesinski, Jeffrey Conn

This case provides an overview of the founding and scaling of Chinese artificial intelligence-enabled adaptive learning company Squirrel AI. The case details founder Derek Haoyang Li’s struggles to build and scale a comprehensive cutting-edge product...

Howard Rosen, Reema Shah

The purpose of this case is to look at Zipline’s product market fit. The case examines how the Zipline team evaluated which market segments to consider next as they looked to expand beyond Ghana and...

Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, Jeffrey Conn

The case describes the company-wide impact of former Coursera CEO Richard Levin’s decisions to infuse levity into typically dry business processes and identify and empower humor-fueled culture bearers.

Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, Jeffrey Conn, Jean Oelwang, Greg Rose

The case describes Virgin Group CEO and Virgin Unite Foundation leader Richard Branson’s attempts to insert humor and levity into typically stressful and momentous business situations.

Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, Jeffrey Conn, Matthew Saucedo

The case describes former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s general philosophy on the use of humor as a strategic communications tool and essential component of Google’s culture. It also provides the reader with a few tips...

Stephen Ciesinski, Howie Rosen, Abeer Nijmeh, Mitchel Scott, Blake Kavanaugh, Jeffrey Conn, Deborah Whitman, Ryan Kissick

Entrepreneurs looking to launch start-ups in developing economies must confront numerous challenges that their peers in more developed countries may be less likely to encounter. Depending on the country in which they are operating, entrepreneurs...

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