Stanford Intensives — Live Online Programs

The world and the workplace are constantly evolving, requiring today’s business leaders to be resilient and stay relevant. Stanford Intensives help you do just that.

Stanford Intensives offer an in-depth, interactive live online learning experience in a concentrated time frame. By directly engaging with Stanford faculty and a cohort of motivated peers from the convenience of your home or office, you’ll boost your knowledge so you can stay current, competitive, and confident.

Stanford Intensives At-a-Glance

Upcoming Programs

Accelerate your understanding of artificial intelligence and gain real-world insights to help transform your business.
Discover the business side of data and learn how to ask the right questions to inform decision making and improve business outcomes.
Unlock the mysteries of consumer decision making and learn powerful tools to influence behaviors and impact outcomes.
Prepare for uncertainty with strategic frameworks and a crisis simulation to help you understand, plan, respond, and lead your company through crisis.