Stanford Intensives — Live Online Business Programs

Everything is changing — in the workplace and the world — and staying competitive means staying relevant and resilient. Stanford Intensives are designed to meet the needs of your career and the demands on your time. It’s essential lifelong learning for today’s business leaders.

These live online business programs help you rapidly boost your knowledge and build your career so you can stay current, confident, and competitive. Stanford Intensives deliver an in-depth, interactive learning experience — all in a highly concentrated time frame — so you can quickly put new ideas and insights into action. Engage deeply and directly with Stanford GSB faculty and other motivated global professionals. And do it all while you balance other responsibilities, thanks to the short, live online format.

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Highly-Focused and Relevant Content

Dive into career-focused topics designed to help you tackle some of the most pressing leadership to innovation challenges. Explore new ideas and deepen your knowledge to grow professionally. Faculty directors for each Stanford Intensive program have carefully curated the curriculum to focus on the most relevant content in their areas of expertise. You’ll discover innovative methodologies and strategic frameworks. And you’ll be able to engage directly with world-renowned Stanford GSB faculty during live online sessions followed by Q&A.

Short, Live Online Format

Time is an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Stanford Intensives allow you to make the most of it with eight live online faculty-led sessions spanning two full-time to four half-time days. They’re short, powerful bursts of learning that make a long-term impact on your career. Best of all, you can experience the unique and engaging Stanford GSB approach to teaching and learning without missing significant time at work.

Limited Class Size

Stanford Intensives are intentionally limited to ensure deeper engagement with faculty and greater connections with participants. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with professors and interact with other global leaders.

Certificate of Completion

Receive a certificate of completion that can be used on your LinkedIn profile and resume to demonstrate your expertise in areas of study and commitment to lifelong learning.